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Education & Special Interest Programs

People learn in different ways…We give them options

We know that nothing beats the live experience of activities that are interactive and experiential. Our projects offer authentic travel opportunities and creative learning styles. We inspire effective teamwork among clusters of colleagues, while at the same time inviting guests to open their horizons by getting to know the local culture.

Greek Link, the Destination Management Company situated in Athens, takes a comprehensive approach in its service offerings, among which is its "Educational, Experiential & Special Interest Groups" service. Through this provision, Greek Link facilitates authentic travel experiences that focus on interactive and experiential learning. Tailored to people's diverse learning styles, the service provides a rich tapestry of learning avenues, encouraging effective teamwork and presenting opportunities to delve deep into the local culture. The objective here isn't just to learn but to do so while expanding one's horizons, drawing from the vibrant local culture to furnish experiences that are as enlightening as they are enriching.

Diving deeper, the "Educational, Experiential & Special Interest Groups" service seems to strike a harmonious balance between learning and experiencing, facilitating group dynamics that foster collaboration and encourage exploration of the local culture in Greece. It is designed to resonate well with individuals who learn through experiencing — a philosophy rooted in the concept of experiential learning. From the overview provided, one can infer that the service is apt for groups interested in holistic experiences that marry education with hands-on experiences, providing an authentic taste of the Greek culture and the chance to work collaboratively, perhaps learning from each other just as much as from the environment. While retaining the core essence of travel – the joy of experiencing new and unique things – it adds a layer of depth to it by making the journey a learning experience too, thereby enhancing the value derived from it manifold. This service is aptly structured to create not just travel memories, but learning experiences that one carries with them, skills and knowledge that hold value beyond just the duration of the trip.

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