Mykonos Island

The jet-setter island that invites you to experience its palpable energy, perfect beaches and pulsating nightlife.

Mykonos island

Mykonos, the most famous island in the Aegean and the most popular destination in Greece, and in the world, for travelers of all types. This cosmopolitan island which has been attracting well-heeled Athenians and international celebrities like a magnet since 1960. Voted the top summer holiday destination time and again for good reason: exceptional beaches, award-winning restaurants, legendary parties, private yachts, dreamy villas, luxury hotels, beautiful people, 5 star service. Sparkling white with a blue Aegean backdrop, the island’s architecture is one of a kind. It extends into the little neighborhoods of the island’s main town, Hora, with captains’ homes, old churches and wells. Everywhere you look, there’s a maze of white-washed alleyways. Awash in its iridescent Aegean light, which it shares with neighboring Delos island, you will be transformed. Put your finger on its pulse and you’ll fall hopelessly in love.  Mykonos will seduce you.

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